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By Eli Ofek at January 16, 2008 23:23
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Hi all,

About 3 months ago I was privileged to hear David S Platt's "Why Software Sucks" show.
During the show (Which is both interesting & fun!) David gave an example of Backup software,
telling the story about how his hard drive crashed with no updated backup…
This brought me to wonder …
When did I last back up all my latest photos, documents and PST to a DVD?
I really couldn't remember, which told me it's probably not too good…
David demonstrated some screenshots from Carbonite,
An online backup software he seems to admire, after using it for quite a while.
When I got home, I Googled for Carbonite, and found out that for less than 50$/year I can backup
all my data with no limitations…
At first I was a bit skeptic about the idea…
My backup size is above 25GB… but I decided to give it a try.
They give you 2 weeks of free trial, which is quite enough to feel it…
After 2 weeks I managed to backup over 10GB of data in low bandwidth priority
over a 1.5Mb/128Kb line …
I decided to subscribe.

Now, 3 months after, I can say I am very happy!
All my documents, photos, mail & even my home videos are regularly backed up without
needing to do much, and I am now over 27GB!
I was impressed that during this time Carbonite never crashed or gave me trouble,
and even the Email support I got to use once for asking a question was prompt.

One thing I must say: If you have a large backup store like mine
(Most people don't in my opinion), bare a bit with the software until if finishes
the first upload… my suggestion is to let it run in full capacity during the night,
and in law priority when you are using the PC.
After the initial backup, only diffs are uploaded, even if the files are in use (like a PST)
which is not noticeable.
It's even better then a DVD, as the data is stored many miles away,
which is like a nice data DRP backup site

There are other similar solutions over the internet, in different levels,
Starting with Mozy, and even Amazon's S3, but this was the cheapest service
I could find for large backup stores (Over 2 GB) which is both friendly & simple.

If you want to give it a try, you can use this referral link.
If you get to purchase a subscription after the trial like I did, you will get an extra month bonus
period and me too J


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